We Are Bringing the Arts To Town

July 8th, 2015
EbonysGlosterClassroompicEbony Noelle Golden: Ending day two of #theglosterproject meditating on cultural resilience, integrity, accountability, humility, community, and intergenerational service. I’m so thankful to be able to work with people who I consider friends and family. If you ever have an opportunity to work with folks you are inspired by, do it. It’s such medicine. It’s such an investment. Full of gratitude for this privilege. #ruralarts #mississippi #love #familydinner — feeling grateful with Kelvyn Bell, Margaret Porter Troupe, Rachel Eliza Griffiths and Quincy Troupe.

Famed Author Terry McMillan coming to visit Gloster

July 5, 2015

Terry McMillan visiting The Gloster Project Summer Camp 2015
Terry McMillan visiting The Gloster Project Summer Camp 2015

The air here is thick with expectation! I feel incredibly lucky to be back in Gloster for our second year! Ninety percent of the kids from last year will be back! Everybody’s looking forward to re-connecting with the kids from last year and meeting new faces this summer.

I myself have personally seen about four kids from last year (they’re so shy. Can’t wait to see their reactions when they see Mr Bell, Miss Ebony, Miss Rachel, Miss Nambi, Mr Carlos and Mr Quincy back again this year! And we’re having our first year of student interns! And if I may offer a Trumpism, we have the best and most terrific team most creative most dedicated smartest group of artists in the whole entire world doing this project. An almost embarrassment of artistic riches! They’ve ALL have kept busy with their own spectacular successes since last year. Shall I list them all or what?? (Okay, I will in the next post.) But Guess Who Else is Coming To Camp? The fabulous Terry McMillan.

We’re back at the Crossroads again in rural Mississippi

July 4, 2015

BerwickCasselsHwy24intersectionReaching this intersection means only about eight minutes to go before landing in Gloster. We’re back for our second year bringing a free summer arts camp for kids in rural Gloster, Mississippi, my home town. This is Berwick-Cassels Road and Highway 24, the section of Amite County Mississippi where I was born.


It’s HOT here in Mississippi!

July 3, 2015

The first thing you notice in Mississippi is the heat and the constant threat ofFirstnightkerosene lamp-blog violent storms. You also notice the lushness. Everything thick with greenness. Time slows down.

You’re on the road all the time. The distance you have to travel for the simplest things — a fresh loaf of bread, basic office supplies store, fresh produce, a computer accessory, is miles and miles and miles. But those storms though…. They knock the power out.