The Kindle is made by Amazon and so the very first step is to set up some kind of Amazon account, which might just be an active email, and you should not need to put in a credit card. Once the basic set up is done, the next step is to use the SILK browser on the home screen and then follow the instructions below:

How to install Google Play Store on your Kindle Fire Tablet.

STEP 1 – Downloading the Files

Download these files one at a time in the order they are here. The four files work together to allow you to use Gmail, Google Play and all the Google apps which we will need to access the classes.


Tap on the link, scroll down, and tap on “Download APK”.

1) Google Account Manager APK

2) Google Services Framework APK

3) Google Play Services APK 

4) Google Play Store APK

Once you have downloaded all four files, navigate to your docs icon on your home page here:

Your DOCS folder might also be in your UTILITIES folder if it’s not on the homepage like it is in this example.
Go ahead and tap the DOCS folder. In your next screen you should see the four files you downloaded. If you don’t, just look review the instructions in case you missed anything. If all four files are there then go on to the STEP 2 below.

STEP 2 – Installing the Files

So install in order they were downloaded – so install #1,#2,#3 then #4.
If you are successful installing all four, then the Google Play app will appear for you on the home screen of the tablet somewhere, mostly likely you will need to scroll down to the bottom where new apps appear.
Once you see PLAY STORE then tap it and install Gmail, Google Meet, Google Calendar and for the Animation classes.
Once all of these apps are installed the tablet will be ready to start using for the Gloster Arts Project Classes for 2020!