Because of Covid-19, in 2020 the Gloster Arts Project took arts education online. To do this we purchased tablets for all of the children in the program, mailed them and had them set up to use Google Classroom. We also used Google Meet and Google Calendar for our live video classes. It was a challenge to get all the students, parents, teachers and staff all caught up!

But we did it and we are so proud of everyone for their commitment. Below are some short videos of some of the work done in the classes. In past years we had a big performance at the end but this year we asked that kids make video on their phones. They were singing, dancing, making art and reading poems – AND making videos. The end product was a crash course in online learning. We are excited to have both introduced the technology to the kids AND conduct all of the classes. We see this as a win-win situation because they will all carry these skills into other experiences long after 2020.

Carlos Uribe demonstrates how to make a paper sculpture live.


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